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The Why

We have been talking about the who, what, when, where, why, and how of the church. Last week we spoke about the who. Using the lesson from Acts (17:22-31), we began reflecting on how Paul helped a wide variety of people connect with the Gospel using their own cultural references. We then talked about the earliest controversies of the church resulting in a contentious meeting in Jerusalem (see Acts 15:1-21) and how Paul helped the early Christians see that there were things that they were doing and requiring of others that were preventing some people from hearing the Gospel. So, we asked t, what are some things we might be doing or what ways of doing things in the church might prevent others from connecting with the Gospel.

This week we will speak about the Why. Why do you go to church? Why should you go to church? Why should anybody Go to church? And if there is a particular reason, what are some things that a church might do to support that reason? See below for the next episode of our weekly podcast.

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