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What is the Church?

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

The church has long been a community of faithful people who have adapted to the changing world. A reading of the early church in Paul's letters and the book of Acts reveals a community that adapted first to unexpected growth among Greeks. The primarily Jewish Christ followers were at first confused as to what that meant but quickly adapted to meet this unexpected need. Of course, there are countless other examples throughout our shared history, but we can discuss those as we go.

So, what is the church of our own time? How can we begin to adapt to the needs of our community, similar a similar way to those early followers? That will be the subject of our discussion over the next few weeks.

The Plan

You will find below a recording (an episode for our podcast) that is a brief introduction. Each week there will be an additional episode that furthers and deepens our conversation. Beginning on Sunday, April 30, at 9:30 am, we will hold our first in-person discussion in the Parish Hall. We will then take the following week off as the vestry meets on the First Sunday of the month (May 7th), and then resume on May 14th.

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